BM5 Swarm Robotics

The Causal Robotics Group and the Natural Computation Lab are building a swarm of micro robots that will eventually live in building 63. This is an open-ended long term project. Its aim is to experimentally explore self-organizing “intelligent” behaviour as we find it, for example, in ant colonies and swarms of bees. This is part of an ARC project investigating the principles of self-organized collective decision making, often somewhat more spectacularly termed Swarm Intelligence. The swarm will initially comprise about 20 micro robots that are customized from extensible off-the shelf units, specifically iRobots and/or ePucks. There is a variety of different honours projects available within this long-term initiative, including the development of control algorithms, simulations, and specialized sensor and actuator software/hardware. Talk to me about details if you are interested. You must be a competent programmer and in some cases an inclination to tinker with hardware, maybe even knowing how to use a soldering iron would help!

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